Network Specs

  • Coin Name: Oscillate
  • Ticker: OSL
  • Algorithm: cryptonight_turtle
  • Coin Type: POW
  • Max. Supply: 100,000,000,000.00
  • Difficulty Target: 60
  • Pre-Mine: 0
  • RPC port: 11246
  • P2P port: 11245

About OSL

Oscillate [OSL] is an ASIC resistant fork of TurtleCoin, using the CryptoNight_Turtle algorithm. Quick transactions, privacy, Ease of use make this coin perfect for paying anyone, anywhere. Oscillate can also be mined on any windows or Linux based PC, no matter how strong or weak!

If you do not know what TurtleCoin is, it is a fairly popular cryptonote coin, which is what this was forked from. Oscillate was forked from this code for a few reasons.

  • 1. The code is updated frequently and is always supporting updates for operating systems.

  • 2. The code is lightweight and can be used on ARM devices.

  • 3. It is faster than the original cryptonote commit.

  • 4. An easy to use wallet is included with the release.

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